The Great Controversy Audio Book

The Great Controversy 1911The Great Controversy (1911 edition) is an amazing book, covering the last 2000 years of earth’s history from a biblical perspective. You will thrill as you read how God preserved His Holy word from the days of the apostles until our time. As you read about those who suffered and died for their faith, your heart will be challenged to imitate their example. You will learn about the role that America will play in the events of the last days of this earth’s history and learn how Satan plans to hijack this planet and prepare it for the great battle of Armageddon! Finally you will see a picture of the earth made new and get a glimpse of what God has prepared for those who love Him. This book is one bestseller that you will find hard to stop listening too!



Chapter 1 – The Destruction of Jerusalem

Chapter 2 – Persecution in the First Centuries

Chapter 3 – An Era of Spiritual Darkness (The Apostasy)

Chapter 4 – The Waldenses

Chapter 5 – John Wycliffe

Chapter 6 – Huss and Jerome

Chapter 7 – Luther’s Separation From Rome

Chapter 8 – Luther Before the Diet

Chapter 9 – The Swiss Reformer

Chapter 10 – Progress of Reform in Germany

Chapter 11 – Protest of the Princes

Chapter 12 – The French Reformation

Chapter 13 – The Netherlands and Scandinavia

Chapter 14 – Later English Reformers

Chapter 15 – The Bible and the French Revolution

Chapter 16 – The Pilgrim Fathers

Chapter 17 – Heralds of the Morning

Chapter 18 – An American Reformer

Chapter 19 – Light Through Darkness

Chapter 20 – A Great Religious Awakening

Chapter 21 – A Warning Rejected

Chapter 22 – Prophecies Fulfilled

Chapter 23 – What Is the Sanctuary?

Chapter 24 – In the Holy of Holies

Chapter 25 – God’s Law Immutable

Chapter 26 – A Work of Reform

Chapter 27 – Modern Revivals

Chapter 28 – Facing Life’s Record (The Investigative Judgment)

Chapter 29 – The Origin of Evil

Chapter 30 – Enmity Between Man and Satan

Chapter 31 – Agency of Evil Spirits

Chapter 32 – Snares of Satan

Chapter 33 – The First Great Deception

Chapter 34 – Can Our Dead Speak to Us? (Spiritualism)

Chapter 35 – Liberty of Conscience Threatened (Aims of the Papacy)

Chapter 36 – The Impending Conflict

Chapter 37 – The Scriptures a Safeguard

Chapter 38 – The Final Warning

Chapter 39 – The Time of Trouble

Chapter 40 – God’s People Delivered

Chapter 41 – Desolation of the Earth

Chapter 42 – The Controversy Ended

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